We know that preparing credentialing applications can be a time-consuming, costly, and sometimes frustrating process. PRL understands that maintaining current and accurate credentialing records with payers is a vital part of the medical billing process. We can help relieve some of the frustration associated with this by simplifying the process for you. PRL has a dedicated credentialing team to help manage the enrollment and revalidation of providers and groups with their payers.

Our credentialing services team will:

  • Work directly with office managers and providers to ensure credentialing documents are received so we may complete necessary enrollment applications
  • Assist new providers in obtaining and updating their NPI number & other licensing documents
  • Create CAQH profiles and provide regular maintenance and re-attestation to the profile every 120 days
  • Enroll and maintain credentialing with the payors (supply proof of malpractice yearly & update expired credentials as requested)
  • Track enrollment process from start to finish until approval is received
  • Work with payors through re-credentialing process to ensure providers’ enrollment is not interrupted
  • Work any issues that our billing denies due to credentialing or enrollment related rejections